Most of the people on earth are sensitive about mother earth. But not everyone contributes to green living. Some are just thinking, some of them started by doing some activity and started to being a part of green living or not to harm earth.

Gardening, Planting, Veganism, Organic living these are the things which any one can follow and decide not to harm earth. Global warming is affecting earth and damaging most of the natural things which can not be recovered.

Gardening is one among those aspects of Biotic living. Indoor plantation, terrace garden, container gardening are the kinds of it. Thus humans are coming closer to soil and soil things. Not much skill required for gardening reception. Knowing about soil and its work is vital for developing garden.

gardening at a small space guide for Indoor vertical gardening

Moreover it’s not just plants and flowers, but also veggies, herbs and fruits. Organically produced veggies and fruits are better than fruits produced with pesticides. If you have many plants at home, they can make you busy whole day by many ways like watering, soil making, fertilizing, cutting, seeding etc.

I have interest in plants and garden. since i started this blog for people same as me, also for beginners in it. Developing a garden and plants do not required more space but required your interest too. You will not only get knowledge but also inspiration and confidence about growing plants and garden.

Here are the best articles focused on indoor garden plants considering small spaces. One can start developing garden at balcony or terrace as well. types of gardens and plants are explained into these articles. Whether its vertical garden, Organic Garden, Balcony Gardening and more things are explained in simple way.


indoor vertical gardening at a small space

Guide for Indoor Vertical Garden at a small space

Tips for Organic Gardening at home

tips for organic gardening at home
best indoor gardening tools for plants

Best Indoor Gardening Tools you must buy

Starting an Vegetable gardening on Balcony

vegetable garden on the balcony